About VMA

VIDARBHA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION is a premier Management Association based on strong foundation of committed members, with over 12 years of operations and existence with excellence. The fundamental objective was to share and learn business management from each other. 


The first steps were taken by few restless and brilliant minds that had urge to receive and share knowledge. They were all running their enterprises successfully but weren't satisfied. Even now the spirit is same. Though the needs, scale have changed they love for sharing knowledge, gathering it imbibing still exists.


VMA is a non profit & no-frills structured association with members from diverse domain, performing unique format of imparting & sharing knowledge. We meet every Sunday 10:30 am at Chitnavs Centre. It is vibrant body full of ideas, enthusiasm conducting programs through Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Business Quiz, Panel Discussion, Brain Storming, Walk the Talk, Gyan and Outbound programs. it is led by the President elected by Members.


There are 3 general body meetings for course correction or /and seeking directions. Members voice their concern and views on certain subject which are then discussed and decided. VMA practices what it believes. Its constitution allows only one year term for any president who ceases to be a part of executive body after his/her tenure.


The rational is to develop the leadership and allow new ideas, to flow in to meet future head on.



VMA is a learning organization. It believes in re-aligning and re-inventing itself to meet future. Coming decade will be dominated by technology, communication, and start-ups.. We believe it will be era of competing opportunities. The focus will be on sustainable models. The theme for this year is " Align & Accelerate".

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