Vidarbha Management Association

VMA is a premier management association based on strong foundation of committed members. The fundamental objective was to share and learn from each other. In last 12 years, Though the needs, scale have changed the love of sharing knowledge, gathering it, imbibing still exists. Thought sharing and knowledge dispersion has taken roots. VMA practices what it believes. Its constitution allows only one year term for any president who serves to be a part of executive body after his/her tenure.


Objective of VMA ::

To promote and develop education in scientific management.
To promote amongst members exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas on sound management principles and practices.
To make available benefits of its activities and facilities to the public at large without any distinction.
To collaborate and co-operate with local chapters of other professional bodies and with educational, financial and research institutions having similar objects.


The future ::

VMA is a learning organization. It believes in updating, reinventing itself to meet future. Coming decade will be dominated by technology communication, globalization. We believe it will be era of competing opportunities. The focus will be on sustainable models. The theme for this year is "Align & Accelerate". The focus is on implementation.


Schedule of Election Election Policy

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